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Day Trading Course

"Trade Tactics" is packed with high probability trading setups. 

Learn our TOP 10 trading setups and how to develop consistently profitable trading habits.

Understand the HOW and WHY of trading small cap stocks

Learn 10 of our top trading setups with actionable game plans

What's included?

Discover a step-by-step process to find your own setups

Jam packed with over 2 hours of content and quizzes after each chapter

Sounds Great... But What's The Cost?

Trade Tactics is a comprehensive guide that takes the guessing game out of trading.  You won't be able to find another course online that gives you ACTIONABLE trade setups.


I'm offering this course for just $497.


As an added bonus you'll also become a lifetime member of our Premium team with your purchase of the course.

What Our Members Are Saying

Verified Trade Tactics Students

Fred A.

J Talley.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the DVD Trading Tactics. I've just finished the entire thing and Michael clearly provided answers for most of the questions I had about trading. Then he provided clear definitions of several strategies he uses. I’ll admit, I was a little uneasy about paying an online course. At this point I have no doubt that the amount of money he saved me by providing it for purchase will more than pay for itself in the long run. 

After going over the course, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to identify the setups that Michael presented and be able to spot breakouts/breakdowns, entry/exit signals, identify risk BEFORE entering a trade and place appropriate stop loss. I feel that the course left me with a solid enough understanding of the setups to confidently execute trades of low float, high volume stocks and I look forward to implementing what I've learned.


Completed the Trade-Tactics and I'm very pleased with the content that Michael talks about. I've watched hundreds of trading videos and I like how Michael goes straight to the point and explained everything in a way it's easy to understand. It's comforting to know that I have material to learn from to help me with my journey as a Day Trader. Worth every penny.


Before I took the trade tactics course i was like a dog chasing cars. I’d buy random stocks just because they where flying on daily charts or because they where gaping up so much PM and the result typically would be a loss because i had no clue what i was doing or what to look at. The trade tactics course gave me the ability to filter the essential from accessory in a short time. The course is not endless hours of theory, circling around the same topic endlessly like most you find out there. No instead @Michael gives you the squeezed juice and goes straight to the point with no BS. You still have to do your part and find out which setup fits best your style and objectives. 

Stuey C.

BS free trading course that actually challenges you to grow as a trader and not become a stocktwits sheep. On a knowledge trading scale i was a 4/10 and i put to Michael the question of value id receive from the Trade Tactics course in my current newbie state and he rightly reassured me that it would not go over my head. I'm as we speak on my third round of this course and will most likely study it another three times before i start day trading. I'm starting to see patterns everywhere and really grasping the trading lingo.It was alien to me only a few short weeks ago. It has been so enjoyable to watch and with this course in my back pocket, I look forward to joining you trading.

Brad C.

I've been on vacation for the past few weeks, but I bought the Trade Tactics course to watch while I was taking a break from trading. Outstanding job @Michael ! This is truly a one of a kind course, that is well worth the money I paid for it. I've actually spent over $5k on trading courses from Warrior Trading, Tim Sykes, etc and none of those courses give the value that Michael's course gives. I truly mean that. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here.