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Watchlist July 6th -> July 10th

Happy Fourth of July to all of those celebrating in the U.S. Let's make this week amazing! There's some great setups and liquidity flowing through small caps right now and I'm hopeful that this continues. I've shared some momentum and swing ideas in this post, make sure you look all the way down!


Here's what I'm watching this week:

GNUS company holding a conference call Monday at 10am - most likely a sell the news situation. I'll be watching for a gap up, morning washout (dip buy) and rip into 10AM... Would advise to NOT hold through the catalyst, as we've seen many times with stocks like IZEA / MVIS / AIM.

WTRH I've been swinging this name for a week now, thinking a lot of states will likely go back to closed restaurants and these food delivery names will catch a bid. All dips towards $2.50s are opportunities to me for a sell > $3.00 eventually.

IDXG I'm watching this name specifically on Monday for continuation via Thursday's move off CO website showing COVID19 test on website 'COVIANT'.. Key level stock needs to hold trend > is $6.50, ideally a weak open and grind back later in the morning.

BYFC big bagholder stock, but doesn't mean it can't run. Caught a few bids mid-day on Thursday, ran it up into the close. Watching for gap up + continuation Monday morning, key here would be volume premarket. This is NOT something to buy the breakout on or hold hoping it comes back up to your average.

IDEX very polarizing company & situation here. I honestly think this will be under $1.00 within a couple weeks, but in the meantime, you could play off the $1.50 psychological level for a bounce towards $1.80s over a couple days (also key $1.45 demand level). Low quality play BUT worth a look with small size.

SHLO very nice trend on this name the last few days - might surprise a few. Watching dips towards $1.60 to hold trend + breakout over $2.00 level for a nice move.

YCBD beauty swing chart over $2.00/2.10 w/ room towards $2.50/$3.00 if trend continues to hold w/ good volume.

OEG clean chart for a swing trade, could be a BIG mover if $0.80 breaks.