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Watchlist 7/7

I've added a lot of ideas that I found with today's movement for tomorrow and a couple swing ideas as well. Our watchlist from this weekend is already doing pretty well!


YVR added this name to my swing list, looks awesome for a bottom bounce w/ a low float. $1.45 key level on the downside, and $1.60 above.

GNUS company planned this poorly with the PR department. If they would have waited 30-60 minutes stock would have traded > $4 intraday. As expected overall this was a sell the news situation like we've seen many times in the past - tomorrow eyeing any significant pops for shorts.

AYRO mid-day offering screwed up the big move today, but this might not be over just yet. Tomorrow I'll be watching to see if we continue to base above $5 and the market eats up the offering. If we hold $5 and start to trend nicely, could squeeze. Don't try to predict it, just let the stock show you first so you don't get caught. Key levels plotted below.

BLNK mentioned this one multiple times on twitter, in our chatroom, and on our livestream last night. Continuation idea with key levels plotted below, might have a $10 magnet on it. Ideally looking for a weak open, dip + rip back mid-morning/afternoon.

AEZS beaten down chart, might want to go for a little dead cat bounce. Need to see confirmation premarket tomorrow with volume and gap holding > $0.42. Not interested below.

WTRH We've been all over this swing idea since the low $2s -- continuation watch. $3.80 / $3.30 key levels, had some trouble keeping highs today.

Here's some more ideas:

SOLO Backburner momentum watch, crazy volume today - this won't quietly fade away too soon.

UMRX Backburner momentum watch.

YCBD another one we've been on since early, continuation watch.