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Stocks to Watch 6/29 - 7/3

Crazy market we are in. Important to remember you don't need to catch tops or bottoms while we have so much range in between. If you aren't already in our free chatroom, go ahead and click HERE to join for free so you can get real time analysis + new ideas as we find them.

Here's what I'm watching this week: IDEX very interesting situation w/ this name, I'd rather be a trader versus investor personally. Potential DCB off $1.20s here for rip back towards $1.80/$2.00 area, have a hard stop in place and don't become a bagholder.

NBY catalyst ( might finally get this name moving with other mask names (AHPI APT). $1.25 key level to break over with key support around $1.10 - this is one you do NOT chase strength on, rather enter on dips.

KTOV popular name recovered very nicely after the offering, shorts may be in a bind here. Watch dips towards $1.10 to hold trend + higher lows for the breakout back over $1.30s.

IBIO short bias here, honestly no real reason for this to have been up where it was on Friday. I'd like a morning pop towards $2.60 area where supply has overwhelmed demand multiple times... With that being said, I'd switch my bias if we can hold trend and build above $2.60 for a squeeze over $2.80s towards $3.00.

WKHS potential for a parabolic move on this name Monday or Tuesday this week if trend continues to hold. Shorts have a good reason fundamentally - but the tape is telling us otherwise for now. $9.50 hot spot for dips to scoop for a $10 - $12 move.

AYTU continued swing idea -- perfect looking chart off the $1.50s area, catalyst can send this towards $2.00+ area.