Inner Circle Mentorship

There's no reason to keep putting money into the markets as you feel around in the dark. If you aren’t willing to invest that amount in your own growth and potential, you’re thinking backwards. The upside of knowing what you’re doing in this game is not just the freedom and the earnings potential of being successful; it’s NOT wasting time and money while you guess at trades and try to find an easier way. Regardless of where you come from or what you know, I can teach you.

✅12 screen share private calls (1 hour each)

✅In-depth explanation of my personal strategies

✅Review your trades with me to discover errors and greater insight

✅Create a WINNING process personalized to you

✅Bi-weekly private educational videos

✅Instant lifetime member and access to all current and future trading courses

The Inner Circle teaches traders how to recognize the truth about trading stocks, market psychology, and sources of information. All in a one-on-one environment with a successful trader.  

What People Are Saying 👇

John L.

I have been in the inner circle program for a couple months now and I must say it has been very helpful to my understanding of trading. When I first started trading a couple years ago I was trading blindly and not understanding why stocks went up or down only knowing that they were being bought or sold. Michael is a great mentor and has really put things in into perspective for me and now I wake up with confidence when I’m approaching trading every morning. You don’t meet to many people who genuinely wants to help people succeed. Thanks again!! Looking forward to learning more.


Been an inner circe member for a few weeks now and it's been an amazing experience. Was wary about joining but it's been worth it. Michael is a great mentor who wants to see you succeed and will walk you through setups, strategies, and mentality to get you there. I think the biggest help has been going over past trades I've made and affirming my thought process or suggesting ways I can make the trade better. You'll also get access to the day trading courses which have been a great resource for understanding the basics of trading. Anyone can make a profit on a trade; all you need is a broker.  But consistency requires much more. If you're looking for that, you should definitely check out the inner circle program and invest in yourself.


I've had 5 Inner Circle sessions so far and I am beyond happy with the program so far. The setups you learn in the program are explained very well and you get a pdf file with examples, criteria, what to look for, how to buy/sell each setup. Having theses setups to grow my playbook is the key to success in my opinion. Getting to talk with a pro trader in a one on one call is extremely insightful. I've learned more in one session with Michael than hours upon hours of studying on my own. All in all, I recommend anyone thinking about joining to program to go ahead and do it! I'm glad I did.

Steve V

Hey guys, so i have been a member of MN since February, some of you have seen my trades as i used to trade with large account that i accumulated from $5000 to over $120,000. I thought i was on the top of the mountain and then i found this forum and realized that i know very little and traded based on pure luck and looking thru yahoo chat rooms and stockwits to find my picks. I currently hold the INNER CIRCLE membership and it is by far the best investment i have ever made. The access to education and one on one training with Michael have in my opinion transcended my trading experience, i cutting out old foolish habits such as chasing and rushing in to buy at the open but most of all iam beginning in small steps to understand the charts.  I stoped dwelling on my losses and try my best to place my trades based on Michael's training, educational support and most of all access to one on one training. 

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